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Rediscovering Yogananda's Modern Spiritual Legacy
For The Third Millennium 

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 "When you meditate long...the glory of the Divine shines forth. You realize then that all along there was something tremendous within you,   and you did not know it.— Paramahansa YoganandaAll Quotes  of  Yogananda's  are  © Self -Realization Fellowship Publishers, LA USA

*** What is Self-Realization?
Paramahansa Yogananda says; "Self-Realization is the knowing-in body, mind and soul- that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God's omnipresence is our omnipresence ; that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be. ...... All we have to do is improve our knowing."

Yogananda on where to learn Kriya Yoga;
In at least over 100 places in His writings/talks, Yogananda emphasized that one must be spiritually connected to the Great Ones through the organization He was sent to create YSS/SRF.

Read page 410 "Autobiography of a Yogi" [orange cover edition], to see the importance of devotees working through Yogananda's one and only organization - the YSS/SRF.

SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP /YSS is the only organization created by Paramahansa Yogananda to solely publish all of His works and recordings etc, & to spread the message of Kriya Yoga as approved by the president of YSS/SRF. He said there would be no successor "Gurus"  
needed to carry on this work.

Paramahansa Yogananda remains a "living prophet" (Guru) for all who would be spiritually linked to the Great Ones who took part in establishing this SRF/YSS Kriya Yoga spiritual legacy for humanity. If you think someone else is part of this,  you have not properly read / understood the "Autobiography of a Yogi."
There are a number of other teachers posing as "gurus" that are claiming to be doing Yogananda's work, or working with Him,
or even that they are Him.  All such claims are false! 

Paramahansa Yogananda 1893-1952:
Founder of Yogoda Sat Sangha/Self-Realization Fellowship
 Biography of a modern "Living Prophet."

*** Subject Headings for this Page ***
- - Auspicious Prophecy & Beginnings in Sacred India
- - Yogananda's LEGACY for the 3RD MILLENNIUM and beyond!
HIS Writings and Talks
Final Declarations by Paramahansa Yogananda
Kriya Yoga in the 21st Century
The Last Guru?
A New Approach for a Unique Spiritual Teaching
The Mystical Path of KRIYA YOGA
--Yogananda on SUCCESS without Greed & Selfishness[COMING SOON]
POLITICAL SCIENCE and the master's views on[COMING SOON]

LINKS about Yogananda

Auspicious Prophecies in Sacred India: 
The timely unfolding of a divine plan for the global
spiritual needs of the third millennium.

Paramahansa Yogananda's sacred mission for the world had been prophesied from birth by the Himalayan master Mahavatar Babaji, and by Babaji's chief disciple Lahiri Mahasaya, who said to Yogananda's mother, "Little mother, thy son will be a Yogi. As a spiritual engine he will carry many souls to God's kingdom."(page 17).

NOTE: On the very first page of His Autobiography, the Master describes being fully conscious of the transition between and during different lifetimes in this world.

Yogananda's devout Hindu parents were Kriya yoga disciples of this great modern Avatar/prophet and yogi, Lahiri Mahasaya of Benares (1825-1898).

Lahiri Mahasaya also prophesied that a book would be written in about 1946 detailing his sacred life and work. His life story was first published in 1946. Autobiography of a Yogi, Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers,
 LA, USA[Orange cover]
 Both of these prophecies have indeed come true!

Paramahansa Yogananda's vivid childhood memories of being a yogi during previous lifetimes in the Himalayas are well substantiated by his own life. His earliest inclinations revealed him to be spiritually precocious child, with divine qualities that were skillfully encouraged by his mother's loving care. As he grew, the acceleration of his spiritual yearning and practice led him to many amazing and wonderful Hindu Saints and Yogis who further aided him in his aspirations. When as a youth of 17, he finally met his Guru Swami Sri Yukteswar of Puri, India, (the Master whom he had often seen during his meditations). The recognition, joy, and empathy between Master and disciple was immediate and enlightening. For the next several years He quickly grew towards Self-Realization under the wise and compassionate direction of his God-realized master. Upon graduating from University and his Gurus training, Yogananda, an outstanding natural born teacher, promptly applied his skills in the field of educating children. A dire need in India at that time. The young Swami's new curriculum was more concerned with developing the whole individual rather than only the intellect as was being done in most Western schools. One of His great innovations during this period [1916] was the creation of the Isometric system of Energization Exercises [a system based upon yogic principles of energy control]. His successful educational work moved ahead quickly with these many new and unique ideas for the proper education of youth, (which were later applauded by Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and Luther Burbank, etc.). With the very generous support of a local Maharaja the new educational system soon was a success. It was just as His new vocation quickly began gathering steam that the next major phase of His life's work was unexpectedly thrust upon him. 

The Amazing Lichee tree in Ranchi, India. 
Near the spot where Paramahansa Yogananda would often meditate when He had a few moments away from all the young students of His Ranchi School there was a young Lichee tree. This now mature tree is now about 100 years of age and has some unique, remarkable qualities.  It bears fruit in the off season when all other genus of lichee trees in India have gone dormant. It also has more leaves on its leaf clusters and bears much more fruit than other lichee trees.  This unique one of a kind tree was first noticed at the Ranchi YSS/SRF school by a visiting botanist. He has since listed this tree as a special genus of tree in the scientific records which now officially bears Yogananda's name. It is also a great example of how Luther Burbank [a later disciple and friend of Yogananda] was also accelerating the evolution of many modified plant breeds in California.
  The most obvious explanation for this tree going through a such major genetic modification was that Yogananda did meditate near it many times. A number of persons have written about the light radiating from Yogananda &  filling the whole room. Such is the life transforming and healing presence [the Darshan] and energy of a great soul. Wherever Yogananda went many lives were changed for the better in amazing situations, against hopeless odds. Persons changed by his divine love and wisdom often went on to enrich and help the lives of millions of other persons. Such is the positive influence of a Living Master. Yogananda's spiritual influence & blessings did not stop after his Mahasamadhi, many say that He is helping them still.
He is thus known as a "Living Prophet."

The Call to America 1920:  
Following a prophetic vision and a letter inviting him to speak at the upcoming Congress of Religious Liberals in Boston, USA (Sept 1920). He willingly accepted this major new career direction as God's will. It was also confirmed by a personal visit from Mahavatar Babaji and Swami Yukteswar that the young Swami Yogananda had been sent years earlier to His Master for training, in preparation for Him to eventually spread the timeless knowledge of the science of Kriya yoga meditation far beyond the shores of India.
Thus Yogananda's venture to the West was not motivated by any personal ambitions. He simply answered this divine call of destiny to serve humanity in this way. Leaving behind all that was comfortable, familiar, and dear to Him. Especially that Holy Land wherein He was nurtured and educated. It was no doubt a courageous move to go where few Yogis had gone before.
When Paramahansa Yogananda arrived in America Sept.19, 1920,(Sept, 1920 was close to the 300th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing in Boston.) the "New World" was ready to receive these advanced teachings that had previously been reserved for monastics and chelas in the ashrams of Sacred India. The West was ready for the real beginnings of a truly restored version of the teachings of religion in general and Jesus in particular.Science, literacy, global communication and transportation, along with new Spiritual insights had just begun breaking down the politicized dark ages of Roman Paganistic theology and dogma when Paramahansa Yogananda (preceded by Swami Vivekananda in 1893) arrived on the Western scene. Many sincere seekers who for decades had only heard about India's great souls and read her enlightening gospel of the "Bhagavad Gita" and other divine scriptures, were now blessed with the living presence of one of these Self-realized beings which was to continue over a long period. Without any personal ambitions, he came to serve and save those who wanted to learn and grow, and help raise the consciousness of humanity. Paramahansa Yogananda is truly a living example of that perfected being spoken of in the Sacred Scriptures. He was, and is still known as a "Living Guru." And as such, He is still posthumously working with and guiding all sincere SRF/YSS devotees.

quote here ????????????????????????????

There are many great advantages to having a true "Living Guru" no longer in the body.
Many devotees end up with only a treasure of "fools gold" when looking for a teacher in the body. This is why Masters promptly leave the physical realm on completion of their work where there are so many restrictions and deceptions [unless they rarely remain for special duties]. In this world of illusions many devotees/seekers tend to want to worship personalities and the miraculous. Seeking the relative temporary ego satisfying just leads the seeker from one illusion to another. This is contrary to the teachings of higher spiritual science and of true Gurus. Masters such as Paramahansa Yogananda are always showing us how to direct our consciousness and adoration within, and towards the Ultimate Reality in various personal and impersonal forms. They do not seek our worship and adoration for themselves as they are far beyond flattery and praise, seeking no power or celebrity status for themselves in this world of Maya.

However, when you should see persons who seek your praise and blind obedience, Persons who are still engaged in the struggle of overcoming basic moral lessons, you may be dealing with a spiritually dead, incompetent, spiritual teacher - not a true "Living Guru." Lesser teachers are still largely ruled by their egos.

The Wisdom of Yogananda; “My only interest in people is to help them. And as long as breath shall flow in these lungs , so long shall I try to help others and tell them the way to get away from this motion picture of delusion. Because you are part of it now you suffer. You must stand aside and watch it, and then you cannot suffer. When you are an observer, then you can enjoy this play. This is what you must learn. To God, this is only a movie, and when you turn to Him, it will also be a picture show to you. …
 by Paramahansa Yogananda, 
from “Journey to Self-Realization,” Page 115, © Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers, LA USA.

Paramahansa Yogananda and_Minneapolis_Students, September 1927, Click here to see Yogananda's Activities in Minneapolis

Swami Sivananda Honors Paramahansa Yogananda;
The Divine Life Society
Rishikesh, Himalayas, India   25th March, 1952

"He is eternal, all-pervading, stable, immovable and ancient."
"A rare gem of inestimable value,
the like of whom the world is yet to witness.

H. H. Sri Paramahansa Yogananda has been an ideal representative
of the ancient sages and seers, the glory of India.
"He has rendered yeoman service in the field of spirituality.
He has greatly contributed towards the spiritual progress 
of all
 by setting in action the spiritual dynamo that is latent in men.
Sri Yogananda has made it possible for all God's children
to taste the nectar that flows in abundance from the
eternal source, the Vedas and the Upanishads.

"Today the world centers of Self-Realization
Fellowship/YSS represent 
Paramahansa Yogananda in action.
They will multiply themselves, making a closely
woven magnetic 
net of spirituality that will
shower peace and bliss on the world.

"Bhajan, sankirtan, and special prayers were 
here for the peace and bliss of the departed soul.

"May Self-Realization Fellowship prosper well,
 shedding divine light all over the world!"

                                                                  SWAMI SIVANANDA

A Lasting Legacy For The 3rd Millennium      Paramahansa Yogananda quickly adjusted to the language, pace, and culture of his newly adopted homeland, and with little previous experience in the English language he soon became a prominent, articulate, inspiring, and very successful speaker on the spiritual scene all over America. Auditoriums and lecture halls were often overflowing with spiritual seekers of truth longing to hear Him speak of God and personal growth, and His self-transfomative teachings. As an unexpected darshan they were able to bask in the divine love and light of his spiritual presence that actually radiates some distance from a Yogi. This radiant blessing from an advanced mystical personage goes beyond charisma, it is literally "life transforming, healing, and powerfully uplifting and inspirational." His main lecture tours were conducted between 1924 and 1936 to attentive and grateful audiences, and during this time his organization was steadily growing. In His later years He gave more attention to local matters and writing.

 The growth of the SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP/YOGODA SAT SANGHA, His only WORLD WIDE Society[NRM], continued to move forward and publish most of His works with great fidelity and excellence as the years go by.

It was Paramahansa Yogananda who finally succeeded in giving the world outside of India the most complete, effective, clear, and lasting introduction to the Sanatana Dharma(the Eternal Religion) and the Science of Yoga meditation, including Babaji's Kriya yoga techniques. There was a global synchronicity occurring during the 19th century in both India with the introduction of Kriya Yoga, and in America with the beginnings of the "New thought movement." The Western trends were still limited to intellectual and intuitive insights inspired by the Gita and the New Testament. But it was the advanced methodology of the Kriya Yoga traditions [and living examples of great Yogis]taught most extensively in America over a period of 30 years by Yogananda that carried this initial wave to its fulfillment as SRF/YSS. Leaving His Legacy and many sacred sites and books saturated with His living presence. Paramahansa Yogananda still vibrantly works through his writings and successors, via the only group He ever legitimized, "The Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS." This remarkable SRF/YSS spiritual lineage and methodology had its roots in the Holy Land - India, over 150 years ago. Providing ample evidence even from Yogananda's dispensation of its powerful results in many areas, it works! The three succeeding presidents of SRF were also fully enlightened, divinely realized souls. SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP/ YOGODA SAT SANGHA shares a scientifically detailed mystical tradition that has attracted serious truth seekers to India from all lands in both ancient and modern times. Yogananda was followed by many other Indian teachers and Gurus as a serious interest in various forms of Yoga and meditation made great inroads in the West.
 Now, over 60 years since the Gurus passing, Yoga is just beginning to literally sweep the world, fulfilling a prophecy made by the Master about 65 years ago.

In the Western Hemisphere, Paramahansa Yogananda is now considered to be the "father of Yoga in America."[Re;David Frawley and others writers] And rightly so! So far seeing was this world prophet/teacher, that His work is filling for the present time [and far, far, into the future millenniums] an obvious gap in world spiritual and yoga circles - the spreading of Yogas higher/inner mystical teachings/methods, free of dogmatism and political influence, offering more additional blessings to those doing a great job in sharing the Hatha yoga systems. This Guru has also made a great contribution to the restoring/clarifying the true teachings of Jesus and Krishna.

His main mission in all of this was to build a lasting spiritual bridge of World Brotherhood and enduring peace based on showing the essence of interfaith harmony among the worlds essential spiritual teachings. In particular between the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

His writings and talks represent a "Rosetta stone" on the advanced methodology of how to understand the essence and esoteric truths underlying all world scriptures and prophetic dispensations. By showing us the techniques of raising our expanding spiritual awareness, developing our intuition, giving us the means to commune with One Reality, thus bringing greater peace and appreciation between all persons, races, cultures, and religions. He thus showed the wisdom of concentrating on what we have in common rather than what are major superficial differences among the worlds religious cultures. His inspiring legacy gives us all a very simple and effective way to commune with The Reality, and clear scientific methodology of yoga techniques which allow the devotee to resurrect the inner Christ consciousness and contact said Reality/God directly without any intermediary[except for the initial guidance of a teacher[guru] of course.

The work of Yogananda's spiritual lineage thus filled in some essential missing links for those who years before in America began the Religious Science and New Thought movements. These early 19th century movements contained intellectually advanced spiritual concepts and did produce a number of wonderful souls. But the methodology offered by Yoga and Yoga masters was to move the world a great step forward in this area of self-transformation/self -realization.
Yogananda's winning formula was simply - KRIYA YOGA PLUS DEVOTION PLUS GRACE. This is a teaching beyond the new age and psychic categories, and reveals the Holy Spirit to the devoted students of Yogoda. Which helps in redirecting the stubbornly attached human ego from debilitating matter attachment to an enlightened transfomative spiritual freedom.

He began this global healing/teaching process by sharing the balanced, liberating teachings of Kriya Yoga, and other advanced meditation techniques that create greater harmony in all humanities relationships, both personally and internationally. Yogananda's life/writings/legacy provides one of the worlds greatest examples of Human transformation with evolutionary acceleration for the serious spiritual seeker in His cornucopia of wisdom teachings. It becomes evident from His life and the lives of other great devotees in this lineage that "obedience and loyalty" to a true Guru results in greater freedom and creativity of consciousness for the serious and loyal disciple. It essentially honors the principle of the "student teacher" relationship for its most effective results. His message was pluralistic, and original in many aspects. He never made a habit of parroting or plagiarizing the writings of others, yet gave most of the credit for his concepts and achievements to his predecessors in lineage.

The teaching Yogananda shares with us is based upon a synthesis of Original Yoga from the Bhagavad Gita, and Original Christianity from the New Testament, and the scientific principles of Raja Yoga - Kriya Yoga. The core of His generous legacy may be found in His writings, especially His Gita commentary "God Talks with Arjuna" & his biblical commentary "The Second Coming of Christ;Resurrecting the Christ within you." As well as His acclaimed "Autobiography of a Yogi, ôrange cover" and publications of 3 volumes of talks, wisely recorded verbatim by Sri Daya Mata, president of Self-Realization Fellowship for the last 55 years. Sri Daya Mata, a great God-realized saint in her own right, successfully directed the continuing growth and integrity of SRF until her Mahasamadhi November 30, 2010. This prolific legacy left by the master is no less than A MAJOR GLOBAL SPIRITUAL DISPENSATION FOR HUMANKIND for the 21st century and beyond. For Yogananda himself proclaimed both The Bible and the Gita commentaries to be "new scriptures." I would recommend that these works be used in various studies of comparative religion and interfaith studies by all serious scholars of spirituality and theology.

These are Divinely inspired works and teachings which have already immensely benefited the lives of untold millions around the world. Even for many who admire and appreciate Yogananda's wisdom but do not follow His Self-Realization Fellowship path, His work has changed their outlook and their lives. In addition to His extraordinary life example, the reading and feeling his spirit saturated works speak for themselves! We are clearly aware that this path is not suited to everyone, as we all have different needs.

Paramahansa Yogananda's personal secretary for several years, Richard C. Wright, once said that not only did average people hold a profound respect for the Master, but some of the world's spiritually great personages paid special tributes to him as well. This begins to create a unique perspective about this modern man of God-Realization and His world mission.

One of India's great spiritual leaders has said of Yogananda,

"As a bright light shining in the midst of darkness,
so was Yogananda's presence in this world.
Such a great soul comes on earth only rarely,
when there is a real need among men."

Paramahansa Yogananda made two types of declarations regarding His global spiritual mission and the importance of having Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS as the central authority for His work,and spiritual succession, and for all His loyal devotees to work from. And as the main connection to His blessings in the Guru-Disciple relationship. He said in a letter to Rajarsi in 1935; "To be known by God is everything. Like Buddha who gave up everything, live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship, and Guru's work, and you will attain everlastingness in heaven."

One of India's great saints. Ananda Moyi Ma, upon meeting Yogananda on His return trip to India exclaimed,"Father, you have come, for the first time I am seeing you in this life."

Through Blessings of  Kriya Yoga & Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS

"Self-Realizationists should become dyed in Kriya Yoga.
Those of you who know kriya yoga should
practice it faithfully and help this, your church."[SRF/YSS]

"You should concentrate on Kriya meditation and service to mankind.
The more a devotee does Kriya,the more faithfully he will embrace this path."

"Remember that the church is the hive and God is the honey.
That is why we should avoid too many social activities,
and stressing instead meditation and service to all."

"These teachings will draw real followers to this path,
those who sincerely want God, who will practice Kriya Yoga
and be whole heartedly for SRF, thinking about its welfare
and working for it loyally." by P Y (c) SRF/YSS LA USA

all the above,(C) Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers 

Well over 100 such declarations may be gleaned from His published writings and talks. This first class of Yogananda's mission statements will refer to how He wishes to see the Global dissemination of Kriya Yoga and Yogoda teachings carried out in this new World Wide Spiritual Fellowship. Through only the one single Mother Center of Self-realization Fellowship/YSS. He also tells us that that is why He created it at Babaji's behest. [See Page 410 of the Orange paperback Autobiography of a Yogi.

   The second type of declarations refer his legal authority/stature as a voice of Reality [Brahman] from which these New Global Spiritual Revelations resulting from the lineage of the Gurus of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat-Sangha, are being introduced and clarified to the world. Paramahansa Yogananda was the chief disciple in lineage from Mahavatar Babaji of India. Paramahansa Yogananda not only spoke from the intellect, but mainly from the intuitive awareness omnipresent Reality as His own his being, His direct life experiences. He was not a psychic as such, and He rarely spoke from book learning. This process should not be mistaken for psychic channeling of any kind, a process which is not that reliable or accurate.

Yogananda's best known work,
 "Autobiography of a Yogi" was first published in 1946, and the complete, updated recent editions appeared on best-seller lists as recently as 1997 (LA Times)and Spain Dec 2011. Now printed in at over 30 languages. This enlightening spiritual classic was chosen in 1999 by 2 independent committees as one of the 100 best spiritual books published in the 20th century. This inspiring and clearly outstanding SRF (orange cover)publication gives the reader new insights and reliable direction in the search for Truth, and to experiencing a deeper awareness and love. It transfers the emphasis of religion from limiting popular concepts & external ritual, to a conscious intuitive awareness of the inner Reality. The author takes the seeker from external theory to a rewarding inner life transforming practice with wonderful results and experiences that prepares the devotee of any faith to meet his/her needs under all conditions in this world, and even whatever awaits us beyond this particular lifetime. While at the same time keeping rules to a minimum Yogananda's way teaches us the exercise of good judgement by the seeker/devotee. Just reading this book is in itself a powerful consciousness-raising, life-changing experience. Don't leave this world without reading it!

Autobiography.jpeg (191596 bytes)
Some special aspects of this great book.

Yogananda’s powerful spiritual classic –Autobiography of a Yogi.  For those who can really perceive the advanced concepts and lessons in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi there are great revelations and inspirations to receive. In this extraordinary document from a living Christ, the author details the most significant aspects and methods needed to reach true divine Self-Realization. (salvation). One area where many persons get spooked when first reading this book, are the many and varied ultra natural related occurrences by the Master. Yet, unlike many other works of this type, the author does explain in specific chapters and extensive footnotes how these amazing incidents can clearly take place in our world. He skillfully makes a great case for seeking and contacting the source of our being.
That source is the reality our limited senses is not normally aware of.   For those who have taken the time and effort to further research on the life and works of Yogananda, such a study provides a considerable evidences from many modern day witnesses that the many amazing stories in this Autobiography of a Yogi [orange cover] are indeed very possible and true. Yogananda gives us a living example in this spiritual guidebook on how to contact Reality –the real God.
 For more detailed instruction, personal assistance, and consultations I strongly recommend the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons Course for home study.
 This comprehensive course on advanced Kriya Yoga Meditation will take you as far as you can ever want to possibly go and be in Samadhi – "the kingdom of heaven" – even before death. The method and the wisdom is all here in Yogananda’s teachings via his only organization – Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat Sangha [in India]. href=""

Yogananda's vivid and detailed descriptions of his experiences in Samadhi (cosmic-consciousness) are no doubt one of the most believable and articulate in the history of spiritual literature. One can literally feel His deep and intense devotion while reading this inspiring work. The Master also gives a us very accurate overview of the trend/flow and purposes of world religious history, with a sensible and balanced view, making this book an ideal reference work for those studying comparative religion. He shows us what to seek and what to avoid, and how things really work. Few readers come away unchanged after drinking from this fountain of living water. This was the first time the profound teachings of the Sanatana Dharma, its yoga philosophy, and Kriya yoga were written about in such detail in English by a fully accomplished/liberated Yogi. A true manifestation of the divine presence in this world. It is His poetic spiritual writings in particular that moves the heart and soul in its breathtaking inspirational upliftment. See Whispers from Eternity [SRF Publishers LA USA]
Yogananda's writings are correcting many of the strange misconceptions Westerners have about Hinduism and Christ's teachings, bringing many to see spiritual matters with new hope, trust, and ecumenicism. The main power of this book is that it can raise the awareness and appreciation of persons of almost all faiths while degrading/excluding no one.

Autobiography of a Yogi - Best edition.> > > 

In today's world only the poorly informed are still under the false impressions that all Hindus worship idols superficially, that the Hebrews were the first to recognize one ultimate God, that the world is 6,000 yrs old, that Jesus was the only Son of God, that there is only one way or religion that has truth & salvation, and that the earth is flat, and that we only have one lifetime on earth. Such persons, however well intentioned and devout, are clearly still locked up in their popular religio-cultural programming. If you are still a blind victim that has been led by the blind, here is your challenge to break free of your limited programming. It happens to all of us, no matter what faith or family you are born into. This is the great test of life - can we rise beyond it - can we experience life out of the box as the saying goes? Here is a great example on how people are awakening; due to the vast amount of evidence revealed in the 20th century on reincarnation, over 40% of Christians now believe in it. Remember - If you haven't studied it for a few years, you know little about it, so keep your mind open! The elimination of this popular belief at the rigged 2nd council of Constantinople was held from May 5 to June 2, 553 AD, having been called by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian was essentially a political decision for greater control of the masses.
More about this Autobiography that is changing the world. The wealth of spiritual guidance and inspiration for every day living in all areas, and the powerful vibes of the authors living presence in this work are difficult to fully describe in a brief essay. But one of the outstanding qualities of his transformational writing was his innate skill in explaining profound matters in the most practical, simplest, commonsense everyday terms. While at the same time exposing their most subtle inner truths. Thereby making the search for God and truth more inspiring, attractive, meaningful, and practical for seekers of all faiths and walks of life. He also placed great emphasis on using the scientific approach to understanding spirituality so they could both work together for the good of all. He promoted Kriya Yoga meditation with devotion as the greatest practice, to commune with God as the ultimate reality and goal, which greatly develops the concentration & intuition, & joy, while more highly fulfilling every aspect of our lives with meaning and purpose.
fter the publication of His original edition of the Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda made a number of major changes to this book prior to new printings. Such as the addition of the 49th chapter, the removal of 30% of a page on "world brotherhood colonies", the addition of many new and important footnotes, as well as a number of other grammatical and spelling corrections. Most importantly, He also appointed an insightful editor-in-chief and her skilled successor (monastics whom he personal trained & instructed for this task, and both of whom had been in that spiritual training with the Guru for many years, and were well aware of His wishes for the future vision of His work. And above all, they were fully attuned clearly understood His teachings), to carry out the editing and publication of all His writings. All copy write of which He bequeathed solely to the Self-Realization Fellowship. Further changes since 1952, have made the most recent orange covered SRF editions more fully reflect the clearest teachings/intentions of the Author, which gives the most reliable direction to all readers and serious devotees of His sacred path - Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat Sangha.

Be sure to read " Undreamed of Possibilities " an interesting and inspiring online booklet at; 
<="" a="" style="color: purple; text-decoration: underline;">UNDREAMED of POSSIBILITIES

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Self-Realization Fellowships Lake Shrine Temple in Pacific Palisades California USA,
The Lake Shrine is located near the west end of Sunset Boulevard and receives about 100,000 visitors from all religions each year. There is an amazing story behind how Yogananda received this piece of property as a gift which may be seen on SRF dvd

Two NEW Major WORLD SCRIPTURES Launched in 1995 and 2004 by Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers, LA USAfrom; “The Second Coming of Christ; Resurrecting the Christ Within you.” Page 379, © Self-Realization Publishers , 2004, LA USA, NOTE: Is this remarkable revelatory work the real restoration of what Jesus was ORIGINALLY teaching? It is also unique that those who choose to work via this path are blessed with the aid of no less that six divine manifestations.

SOME FINAL DECLARATIONS:The Self-Realization Fellowship was officially and spiritually founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920, and legally incorporated as a non-profit organization in California USA in 1935, as His sole instrument for the world wide dissemination of his teachings and the teachings of His divine lineage. The Master established both a monastic and a householder path to meet the needs of various devotees. It is the male and female monastics that essentially run the organization founded by Yogananda, and sustain the purity and reliability of his teachings. It was no less than a Herculean task that Yogananda took on. Involving the personal training of monastics and devotees both in the ashrams and around the world, travelling and teaching all over America, working on His writings building up the organization and setting the foundations for the future of this great work. During these critical times he was not without false detractors. No doubt the personal training of so many disciples was his most challenging duty, knowing the disappointments that are so common with the unreliable nature of the some persons. He served as their mentor, healer, psychiatrist, director, and protector. Some came there with serious health problems and received so much help. Some of this work was carried on at great distances. …
It should be noted here that the Self-Realization Fellowship 

1. Writers often re-tune/rewrite/polish their works to update and refine their publications. Paramahansa Yogananda did this three times over 5 years before passing on. He not only added many footnotes and made small corrections, but also added a full chapter – the 49th chapter[the only true 49th chapter!by the author], and removed a good part of a page on which he had discussed one of his great ideals of world brotherhood colonies. And with good reason![he knew Americans were not ready for this yet. Is that so? Yes, incompetent persons who started such world brotherhood colonies made mess of the lives of many devotees. They also began the degradation of changing some of the masters teachings to suit their own agendas. Beware of them!

PLEASE NOTE;;; recent non SRF publications of the Autobiography of a Yogi with blue covers have incorporated a fake 49th chapter and a forward not written by Yogananda. This chapter was not written or authorized by Paramahansa Yogananda, and has no connection with Him, his work, or His organization.
However, there are many positive reviews by different magazines and publishers praising Self-Realization publishers most recent editions with the orange cover and Yogananda's 49th chapter - see the SRF 60th Anniversary web page to read these wonderful reviews.

2. The master disbanded the one main world brotherhood colony at Encinitas in circa 1942, and afterward explained that it would be better for devotees to colonize around SRF temples and ashrams. This makes a lot more sense in these times, and at this stage of His orgs development. Time has proven that people were not ready to form isolated poorly led spiritual communities, there are hundreds of examples of failed or misguided communities during the 1960’s to the 1990’s, which either distorted their good ideals, or became someone’s ego trip, or resulted in traumatic experiences to many followers over many years due to sexual abuse and false teaching and egotism of one misguided individual in control of everyone else but Himself[re Ananda]. Some followers were even victims of mass suicides implemented when the leader saw failure.[Re Jonestown]
A major issue was also the priorities and wisest use of SRF's resources. This spiritual path has experienced very steady growth, and taking on the involved task and liabilities of communes would have seriously taken away from the good services, growth, and duties of the SRF leadership towards the Master's great work. When, in succeeding years the Self-Realization Fellowship removed the rest of those lines about spiritual colonies [just before the 1960’s] this had the result of discouraging thousands of insightful devotees from getting caught up in a lifestyle that many in western culture were not yet ready for. We simply did not see the quality of spiritual leadership that would create a healthy and safe spiritual communities. For some it was a long painful, learning experience that may in time work. History has made this painfully clear for too many involved in these communities in many & various ways already mentioned.
The community ideal as expressed by Yogananda was very good and is still ahead of its time – yet timing is the second necessary ingredient for success, but that time may not be right for many years yet! Who knows when?

Other reasons Paramahansaji reassessed the type of communities at this time in the West are; by having devotees living in secular communities mixed with other ordinary people - all would benefit more by exposure to SRF persons and by devotees keeping their sadhana in a more balanced state. One of the great principles of Yogananda's teachings are that we must learn to get along with others and learn from our differences. This way devotees will also avoid the tyranny and abuse that many persons have been exposed to in said spiritual communities because of unspiritual/unqualified egocentric leadership. By persons living near and supporting local temples this will give added strength and impetus to the growth, cause, and purpose of SRF community centres and masters work as a whole. Just think of how many millions of persons have heard of Paramahansa Yogananda via personal contact in communities around temples and the improved SRF editions of Autobiography of a Yogi, and other outstanding publications that have flowed from devoted labours SRF Publishers over the last 60+years.

This is one example of how in tune the masters editors in chief were with the masters intentions & teachings. This is why he appointed them for this work. This way has been very good for all devotees. Much if not all claims about SRF diluting or harming the masters writings is clearly false. It takes time to get all the facts, and discern dark motives.

4. In subsequent editions of the Autobiography of a Yogi, there are many documents on file that indicate changes are in keeping with Yogananda’s wishes for the direction of His work. Proof of this can be found in the many testimonials by persons who have read the newer editions and speak of Yogananda's powerful vibrations in this and many other Self-Realization Fellowship publications.

One such testimonial is found on the "reluctant web site as follows."When I first read the Autobiography it was the latest edition available at Barnes and Noble and it was like a super charged spiritual meal." ...................................................I gave away my copy to an individual who was sick, unemployed, lonely, depressed and her life was going nowhere. Within 9 weeks of receiving the book and beginning her own regimen of prayer and meditation, her life greatly improved. She is no longer depressed and she has met and married a man that makes her very happy and cares for her in every way." I have personally heard of the wonderful changes to so many lives by those reading many of Yogananda's works published by SRF. Those who would claim "original" writings have more powerful vibes seem to be fantasizing. I deeply feel the Masters presence in all recent SRF publications and the Lesson Course, the regular reading/study of which has become for me a great way to be in attunement with my Guru.

5. It is my opinion that nearly all changes made to this spiritual classic are exactly what the master wanted for his work. And most are consistent with the directions He was taking before He passed on. No serious teaching or meanings have been lost or changed in His teachigs. Daya Mata in particular has shown an outstanding quality of leadership as president of SRF. The only harmful changes to Yogananda's teachings are taking place by some non SRF groups seeking their own advantages and organizational growth as they attempt to institutionalize an non Yogananda approach to this movement.

6. There is the matter of adding an extra silent “a” to His signature. This too was needed, as the original spelling of the name Paramahansa without that middle silent “a” is a pretty well meaningless word in the Sanskrit language. The original spelling that was used was a provincial Bengali dialectic spelling where they were dispensing with silent “a’s” in many Sanskrit words. The Master was anything but provincial!
In the west we wouldn't usually notice or understand the difference. But in India where Paramahansa is the highest spiritual title – that missing “a” represents a major degradation for such a Great One who was most deserving of the said spiritual title. Further, the master was a truly pluralistic/global teacher/prophet, to reduce him to provincialism by keeping the “original” spelling is somewhat misleading and a misrepresentation of his teachings and His true stature. In Sanskrit it is even written as "Paramahansa"[pure swan].
This change is now proving to be an important blessing to the SRF/YSS work, especially in India, and will make a great difference in the future, where they are more fully aware of the said difference and its importance in describing a status great soul. It is a word, that when properly spelled, denotes one to be far more than the average monk/Yogi.

7. The changes SRF editors have made to presentation of this work represents some interesting spiritual qualities of leadership and lessons for devotees. Leadership which is not still thinking that Henry Fords model A is better than more modern automobiles simply because it was one of the “originals.” SRF/YSS leaders have demonstrated both flexibility and attunement with the masters teachings.

8. Great spiritual Masters do change applications/timing of great ideals and policies, and if you stubbornly keep worshiping what they wrote in the first editions of early years of policy you are what Yogananda calls a “psychological antique.”

Another example of things that change are; in the early days the master gave some persons unconditional permission to teach Kriya yoga. Shortly before his maha he stated in writing that Kriya teachers must be annually approved by SRF President to be authorized teachers of Kriya Yoga. This policy would help to certify true teachers of high ethical standards and competence. He knew that some would fall! The point is this- should one “worship” the “original” policy, or respect the wisdom of the masters final declarations and accept changes He directed? One must ask oneself here about those who, maintaining outmoded policy thinking imagine they know better. Those who think they know better are bringing up accusations that the master never made such directions, they know nothing about it! I would much rather trust the SRF board and leadership than those outsiders who have their own little agendas.

9. The main reasons why certain groups are publishing and promoting the “original” A/Y and other writings are for profit and for serving their agendas of expanding organizations of their way of doing things, a way that has been rather questionable and even against the teachings and wishes of Paramahansa Yogananda. Since the 1946 Autobiography is already on the net, I think that more links to it will help avoid allowing any one group using it as a self-promotion gimmick. Since there is a much better edition still in copyright I suggest readers read the latest one from Self-Realization Fellowship. You will find that a deeper study of the masters other writing from a reliable source [SRF] will clearly support changes made to the Autobiography by Yogananda and his editors.

10. Yogananda also let it clearly be known that all of His writing and works and properties are the sole possession of Self-Realization Fellowship. He wants all serious devotees to support and work with Self-Realization Fellowship. Yet the ambiguity of some copywrite law leaves loopholes that are being abused at times. When you support those who have no regard for the masters wishes you are contributing to the undermining of his work. Think about it! Are you following your peers or your guru?

11. Another example of original has beens; [ideas not recommended]. When Jesus first began his ministry he continually emphasized that He came to save the Jews. As it soon became evident that this was not going to happen He subsequently told his apostles to go and teach the whole world. [the known world]. But after his ascension they would only baptize mostly Jews [until an incident with a certain spiritually advanced roman centurion named Cornelius, and a rooftop revelation to Peter -see Acts 10:1-20 etc]. Following which there was a conference of several of the apostles in which they agreed that all believers should be accepted and baptized. It was then that Peter understood that the Jews were not a favoured or chosen people of some God, and proceeded to treat all men with equal regard. It was then that they remembered their master had changed His approach in this matter.

12. Also consider that early in the ministries of both Jesus and Yogananda there were a few incidents of miraculous public showmanship, this was soon discontinued as an unneeded example by both prophets. As Yogananda explained it – pp –It was attracting the wrong kind of people. Instead of persons who wanted to know and love God it was attracting spiritually immature persons on power and ego trips -pp. Then we saw mostly examples of divine power being used in the healing of sincere devotees, and expressions of great wisdom and spiritual inspiration more exclusively.
Again, we see here that the more attuned devotee will be able to understand what the masters intentions/teachings really are if such devotee is not blindly attached to the first thing he/she sees. And such a wise devotee will not easily be sidelined by ambitious ego-centered leaders who tell us the “original” is better because it was first! Being first isn’t everything of even the best thing. Don’t get caught in it.

13. There are a few other works that Yogananda completely reworked [eg. Whispers from Eternity,] and those who worked closely with Him tell us that even when he came up with a new chant/poem, He would occasionally change it to improve it for some reason. Should we scrap all the His improved work and say as the fundies do – never change anything we only respect the original works.

14. The master said; “I don’t say that I never make mistakes, but all things will be corrected - ........" etc. No doubt the SRF has made some errors too, which they have not been afraid to correct where possible. This is part and parcel with dealing with humans and remaining flexible, as compared to executives who are rigid and narrow and would always like to be seen as more perfect than they really are. It is difficult to watch everything in a vast organization like this.

15. The master also set up the Self-Realization Fellowship Publications Council to oversee the work of the editor/publisher and authorize the authenticity of all publications of the Masters works. Many of the members of this council spent years with Yogananda and are completely loyal to His work. So the SRF publications we are reading are not just one persons opinion on what the master said/wants. Yogananda material published by other organizations do not carry these important qualifications and safeguards.

16. Although one could go into many more detailed reasons why specific changes were made to certain areas of the Autobiography of a Yogi, suffice it to say that the examples given show the wisdom of SRF editors who were wisely appointed by the Master, and the latest editions of this spiritual classic will give readers the best picture of the Masters teachings and directions. Had Yogananda been in form another ten years or so, no doubt He would have made many of these changes Himself. He did the next best thing. The SRF quality of His other edited/published works examined from many aspects speak for themselves as to the reliability of what this outstanding publisher and its editors have given us. Their presentations of the works of Paramahansa Yogananda truly represent the work of a great world Prophet of pure divine consciousness. Those who have been editing Yoganandas work had the wise insights and attunement as well as much first hand influence by the master, and have carried out His work with considerable excellence.

15. Last of all, we all have different opinions of these things, and until you are free of the programming that colors your life, and until you are exposed to other ideas and possibilities, you will not be able to see what is being said in this essay. This is the spiritual challenge we all face regardless of our background. Don’t remain all your life as a “ psychological antique ” as master used to say. No doubt the availability of Paramahansa Yogananda's original works may be a genuine inspiration to some persons, and even rate historical significance to others. But it will take considerable intuitive study and meditation to discern what is truly His work and final teaching. The masters writing before and after His Nirbikalpa experience in June 1948 becomes more apparent when reading SRF publications of the Gita and New testament.

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Part 2
Kriya Yoga for the 21st Century

 Paramahansa Yogananda’s  promise to the Devotee 

"Of my own free will I give my time to serve you all. My reward is those souls who really love God and are in tune with this work of Self-Realization. I am not bound or attached to anything; any time I wish to walk out I can do so for I have no illusions of name and fame — which only means to be beautifully eulogized and then buried. Whoever comes, freely I give of my time and my realization. And if you would receive, receive it. I am only too glad to give to you, for I know how hard it is to be without the Infinite Beloved. No matter where I am, you will receive from me that friendship and help. The tiger of death is after you, and you must reach Home. If you value your souls, you will make the effort. Study the Self-Realization Lessons, Practice the techniques, Meditate deeply; and if you sincerely persist for seven years with intense concentration, you will have such spiritual satisfaction in your life that you will never forsake or forget this path. So don’t wait. I come only to tell you of that joy. And I ask nothing of you but that you tune in with me, so that I may give you that joy which is in me even as I talk — that joy of God.”………………..  By Paramahansa Yogananda, Page 280, The Divine Romance, (c)SRF Publishers LA, USA, 1986   

The Last Guru is a "Living Prophet?"

This divine lineage of chief Disciples flowed via Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, to Yogananda. But it was Paramahansa Yoganandas Mission to globally launch the SRF/YSS Kriya Yoga path. One of the evidences of this can be found in Lahiri Mahasayas prophecy shown at the beginning of this essay. The declaration by LH was more than prophecy - it was a permission to spread Kriya Yoga world wide, a permission not given to any other person[except by their own dubious claims.] As the chief disciple in lineage [there is only one chief disciple in every group of disciples of a given Guru], it was Yogananda's right, authority, and wisdom to end this branch of His lineage. For which He no doubt had the full approval of his mentors. Such a procedure of 'closure' was practiced by many other great prophets, as it squashes the dark opportunistic desires of so many others who occasionally hijack a new spiritual tradition. And thus create distortions and confusion as to the intended clarity of such a legacy amongst old and future devotees.  

You will notice that there is always some wannabe "guru" just waiting to step into a leadership position and show us all how the master should have done it. Since the original[living prophet]God-realized spiritual master does not need to be in the physical body to aid and work with His disciples, and since He left us also with one of the most comprehensive divine dispensations in world spiritual history, all disciples have amply inspired, spiritualized material to carry them to the sacred goal of Self-realization. This is but a bonus along with the masters grace and continued help. Yet, even before the devotee is aware of His name, the Living Guru is always guiding, helping, and protecting us. This eventually leads us to His path and his teachings,(immortalized in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons and other writings from SRF). If these are faithfully practiced with understanding, Patience, and loyalty, the devotee will reach that heaven of Self-Realization(salvation)even before death. This is the promise of every great faith/path and living prophet. 


In a letter to Rajarsi Janakananda from Yogananda, September 19, 1935; 
" To be known by God is everything. Like Buddha who gave up everything, live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship, and Guru's work, and you will attain everlastingness in heaven." 

This divine legacy is always accompanied by His Living presence and blessings, which we know through our Sadhana, our own enhanced, wonderfully personal spiritual journey, and proven by the testimony of many devotees. The divine spiritual presence of this sacred legacy is enhanced not only by the Guru's living presence as experienced via His writings and SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP LESSONS, but also spiritual quality of the great leadership which succeeds Him in His one church. 
There is no secrecy in these lessons, but they are to be kept personal so that new devotees will not interfere with the spiritual progress of other persons. Anyone is free to send for them. When the Master said, "when I am gone the (Self-realization Fellowship) Lessons will be the Guru." Confirmation of this matter can also be found in Chapter 49 of the Autobiography of a Yogi,(pages 464-465). He did not imply that these lessons are a replacement for the Guru, but that they are a living spiritual instrument of the Guru's, through and by which we remain attuned to his living presence. Through which we are also able to reach that omnipresent unity of higher consciousness, whereby we can know that living presence and the holy spirit, which is OM (AUM). Nothing Yogananda says negates the essential and fundamental law of the Guru-disciple relationship as the indispensable door to our highest salvation - God-consciousness. 

Although some teachers balk at the spreading and teaching of Yoga via lessons at home, many lives are being blessed through this successful innovative approach to serve the ever-growing numbers of spiritual seekers around planet earth. The Printed lessons have proven their effectiveness and value over the last 77+ years for many sincere devotees. As we on this planet evolve, the numbers of serious God-seekers are growing exponentially. We are clearly leaving the age where the average person is only interested in thoughts and things, non functioning ritual and social organization without spiritual essence. Yet, there is no way to produce a corresponding number of needed genuine God-realized Gurus to meet the needs of so many. "Saints are not produced in batches like lawyers"as Yogananda once said. India's wisdom is now wafting over the earth to bless all who would use it in this springtime of spiritual renewal.  
Paramahansa Yogananda's life represents a modern spiritual legacy that left a plethora of new & practical revelations; One may think it very strange that a great modern Yoga Master would found an organization, let alone suggest teaching by correspondence. This new way was part of Yogananda's genius and flexibility, He knew what was needed in each new situation. His ancient tradition was always in Guru-disciple system with small ashramas throughout India, which had its successful origins many millennia before the time of Christ. But it was not until 1861 that this particular lineage from Mahavatar Babaji began a new launching, a new approach and method, and brought this Kriya Yoga [a form of Raja Yoga] to the modern world globally. Now being more accessible and available than ever to the general public. Releasing it from the ashramas and monasteries of history to include the average householder. Any seeker who sincerely wanted to learn and grow at all levels. Yet these are only a fraction of the forward thinking revelations created by the Great Ones for a new, maturing, and deeply thirsting spiritual age. Of course, He was also well aware that it is up to the individual to find the spiritual path that will fulfill his/her needs in this particular lifetime.  A more detailed list of Paramahansa Yoganandas innovations and revelations will appear on this site on another page at a future date.////////////////////  
"The Master said;"it is foolish to ask; "Will I be able to get into the kingdom of heaven?" There is no other place you can stay, for that is your real home. You don't have to earn it. You are already God's child, made in His image. You have only to tear away the mask of the human being and realize your divine birthright.
( from page 50, Man's Eternal Quest, by Paramahansa Yogananda, © Self-Realization Publishers_see link a bottom) 


Regarding Paramahansa Yogananda's modern global spiritual mission for this age. There is simply no historical precedent in the history of India's Sanatana Dharma for this present world cycle. His mission was clear,vast,unique, divinely inspired and free of the ego and personal ambitions. When the Master arrived in America in 1920 it became immediately clear to Him that the best way this mission would fly in the modern world, would be through a centralized organization with clear and balanced policies and practices. With lessons and books available to the whole world. Although he prepared all this work it was not until 2004 that the bulk of His revelation, including two new major scriptures were finally published. The only delays in the final publication of these monumental works were the many years of preparation and research given to this project by those He appointed to do it, great souls who truly understood His mission and teachings. These two scriptures - one on the Bhagavad Gita and one on the New Testament are an inspiration to behold, and are both remarkable expressions of publication excellence as well. 

But in no way would this unique church be quite like many previous spiritual organizations on historical record. Unlike many NRM going back for millenniums, the SRF managed to avoid being hijacked by any ambitious followers,[these attempts are still part of human nature and still will occasionally be rearing its head.] and also avoided splintering of the original organization. It became a New Religious Movement bringing many new methods and approaches, free of dogmatism, vain claims, false prophecies, and suffocating exclusiveness. It is based upon ancient time tested teachings designed to help us achieve the immortal goal of Self-Realization (salvation) through grace and self-effort in this life[or a succeeding lifetime]. A society that, even before it's incorporation could point to its own illustrious lineage of divine Avatars, saints, and great devotees. The Self-Realization Fellowship does not fit in the categories of "new age" movements or "cults", a word with its modern negative connotations. Some, for their own reasons have been promoting their own brand of Kriya Yoga, claiming they have the real thing. [they are often adding hatha yoga postures as part of the Kriya yoga practice routine.] This would be difficult to prove as it is said that even Lahiri Mahasaya reduced originally received Krya Yoga practice to its basics. At any rate, the results of Yogananda's teaching of this Kriya method has definitely produced results in loyal devotees that speak for themselves. It Works! 
One part of Paramahansa Yogananda's mission was to bring a balanced, relevant, and much needed clarified spiritual message to mankind, with new and original methods/approaches in modern contexts and expression. A message free of exclusivism, dogmatism, and arrogance. To be presented in what was to become the world's most commonly spoken language, needing a minimum of scriptural or language translation, thereby helping this message maintain a more universal clarity. 

The framework He chose for this dispensation were the mystical scriptures of the New Testament and the Bhagavad Gita. Some may contest the authenticity or value of these ancient records. Both of these documents have served humanity's spiritual needs for millennia, and still contain many valid treasures, as valid as any revelation since they were first introduced. Because time & man can ravage so many things, Paramahansa Yogananda's revelation was to bring out the hitherto lost meanings,facts, and values of these ancient texts. Although this same attempt has been made by a number of others in the last few centuries, Yogananda's commentaries and teachings on these matters can be seen as unique and enlightening, and very complete. The Masters elucidations prove the perennial value and agreement of these documents. There will always be a world of a difference between the work of academics/theologians and true God-knowing souls. It is also a credit to the Hindu tradition that considers the value & usefulness of what is written equally as important as any possible historical verifications. Fresh, inspiring directions and concepts await the new seeker reading His works. 

There have been numerous claims in previous centuries by would-be prophets [NRM leaders]. There were so many who claimed they were especially chosen to reveal the original teachings of other past prophets. Yogananda's work & life appear outstanding in comparison to many of these. When one reads the SRF publications of His inspired writings and talks, the effect is no less that uplifting and life changing in every way. Especially if one follows up on His teachings with daily effort and loyalty. It will be many, many, centuries into the future before evolving mankind will be able to even suggest that this revelation seems out of date, or needs modernizing again. It is the nature of a great spiritual revelation that it is initially centuries ahead of its time when it appears. Divine inspiration of this quality is not easily superseded by trendy popular changes. Even then - this sacred path will still be fully valid for ones salvation which can happen even before death of the body. 

Paramahansa Yogananda not only did most of his own spiritual writing, He was most wise in having the foresight to train editors who understood His teachings and were attuned with Him spiritually. Divine persons who were able to adjust to the evolution of that which they witnessed in the development of the expression of His ideas over time. Thus publishing future works which accurately expressed an excellent presentation of his total message/legacy for the world. 
He came to clearly show us the essential and underlying truths upon which all true religion is based, concepts that will bring peace to this troubled world only when major reformations occur in said religions. The real inner worship which is based upon devotion and scientific Yoga Pranayama techniques (mental-energy-control), and is proving to be the primary blessing for this age.
Yogananda brought us a more balanced view of life and the spiritual that is a sure and very direct route to salvation, than the doubtful meandering labyrinths of theology hemmed in by the strictures of dogmatism. He showed us how to respect all true spiritual paths as many hued lights on the path of the spirit, while giving our loyalty and full attention to whichever one we would choose to work with. Directing the seeker from scattered eclectic approaches to a more concentrated enduring relationship with this living Masters path. One God-realized Guru can take us farther than 100 well intended philosophers, or a thousand blindly programmed clerics. And even much farther than our own subjective imaginings of where we think we are in the universal scheme. With the power of our own wills plus the wisdom and grace of the great ones we now have all the tools needed to reach our highest potential, as it is written,"Ye are God's." 
Yogananda reintroduced the concept of personal growth based upon each ones own learning and experiential needs, rather than only as sets of fixed rules. He came from a tradition that was pretty well free of dogmatism. While explaining the better ways of and reasons for following the basic universal laws of harmonious living. He encouraged devotees to exercise their good judgment leading to a better moral life. His unique legacy covers a vast range of how to live principles and self-improvement methods for personal spiritual growth and salvation [as some call it]. The master tells us that we are all left to make those final choices as we learn and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reflecting the free will of the devotee. 
His emphasizing and demonstrating of many new ways of making religion more scientific and less mysterious, more practical and less superstitious, more pluralistic, finds wide appeal with today's better informed world consciousness.

Paramahansa Yogananda clarified many, many long-misunderstood, misrepresented, and hidden scriptural meanings, which for centuries had baffled the leaders and followers of many various religious movements. This was done from the mystical level using the intuitive spiritual awareness, rather than and intellectual/academic methods. Fully resulting in explanations that make much more sense accompanied by better results for the individual and society. His own life clearly testifies to His connection to the great source of truth - the universal Reality which many call God. These revealed concepts are at the same time consciousness enhancing, enlightening, balanced, harmonizing and progressive. 

He did not come to necessarily start a new religion, but to instead show as clearly as possible the universal truths underlying all true religions, concepts which have an underlying unity of meaning and purpose. With harmonious/pluralistic basics that can bring us all together while not denying/devaluing the validity of the uniqueness and value of our own traditions. And those who are keen enough to grasp the real import of His great and timely message will be forerunners of a growing ecumenical global Interfaith cooperative movement leading to a true world brotherhood, and a greater chance for lasting world peace. Not by everyone following the same religion, but by awakening to the highest teachings within each and every true faith/path.

To show how the teachings of many great faiths are universal Paramahansa Yogananda wrote very enlightening commentaries on major scriptures from their inner meanings at the mystical level - the level of the "True Religion in every faith". These writings are described further on elsewhere on these pages. In these and other works He created a fresh array of innovative and motivating approaches to inspire humanities sense of well-being, peace, and religious cooperation, rather than claims that would create division & conversion. Teaching that Everyone's first duty is convert oneself(not others) to the wisdom that one professes to believe in, before attempting to convert others to it. This takes a great deal of time and effort and would make our spiritual efforts far more rewarding. Keeping in mind that we must change ourselves very deeply before professing to know how to change others. In all of his prolific writings you will not find a slur or hint of prejudice against anyone else’s person, faith, prophet, nationality, or spiritual path. This respectful attitude and universal love flows naturally not only from His pluralistic Hindu roots, but also from His unprejudiced Yogic training and base, and from His sense of oneness with all other beings. Although, like all true mystics, Paramahansa Yogananda was also a great teacher who claimed no limiting sectarian identity for Himself. He showed us the true balance between maintaining our individuality while at the same time developing our sense of community, two vital and essential elements for a better world and our own personal development. This was mainly accomplished by basing His Self-Realization Fellowship on a different footing with a high level of quality spiritual leadership. An impeccable devoted forward-looking and versatile leadership which has carried on till this day with great insight for the benefit of all who would truly work with the Masters path. His main message was one of Grace, Divine love, Kriya Yoga, and self-effort & scientific Yoga meditation as a way to know God and experience intuitive guidance for a better life. There was not a single important life area He left unexplained, as an aid in making our search for truth more successful, practical, and life fulfilling and SELF-TRANSFORMATIVE for each devotee.

 From the very moment a true GURU introduces himself to you, through temporary obedience He brings you to the greatest freedom humans have ever known. These are only a few of the reasons that Paramahansa Yogananda stands out as an unparalleled modern spiritual prophet. The quality of His life tells us the rest! 


Although this is a most effective Yogic tradition of the living Masters of India, Yogananda's legacy represents a unique/unparalleled mission never before attempted by the seers of the Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism, is a Greek misnomer). This was the first(a historically recorded) major foray to spread Kriya Yoga and the Sanatana Dharma to the world far outside of India in this form was ever undertaken. Paramahansa Yogananda was trained and chosen for this task for many good reasons. Not only was He a natural born teacher, but His high degree of Self-Realization consciousness and divine love did indeed make him a most suitable candidate for this world mission. Previously (and still today) many would venture to India by land or sea, to learn about this advanced spirituality from these Christlike Hindu Yogis. They then returned to the Mediterranean and other areas to bring home and share their "new teaching". Pythagoras, Appolonius of Tyana, and Jesus are only a few of these examples. 

The Hindus, who had for the last several thousands of years valiantly sustained themselves against and dark range of often intolerant, violent, arrogant, power-hungry and aggressive, militant, political, and missionary invaders- had more civilized offerings to give in to mankind in return. It was through the Great Avatar and divine savior, Adi Shankara, who reinvigorated Hinduism's eternal wisdom in circa 700 AD, that contributed greatly to the sustaining Hinduism's ageless vitality in the face of many uncivilized attacks/invasions. The miracle of his divine work/dispensation has now stood the test or time and is now [in the 21st century]just beginning to sweep the world as various forms Yoga. Shankara was a truly one of mankind's greatest saviors who sought no glory for himself. Shankara succeeded in doing for the Hindus what Jesus could not accomplish for the Hebrew race - establishing a widely accepted progressive reformation and restructuring of the sub-continents Vedic based religio-spiritual concepts. He accomplished this without starting a new religion!WOW -Another rare gem from India. By establishing 21 monastic lineages for monastics & mystics he effectively transferred the centre of power from the priesthood to those who were truly the advanced spiritual leaders. He established four centers of open administration throughout the Holy land. Shankara accomplished this peaceful and co-operative transition without starting a new religion - a rare and most noteworthy achievement in the recorded History of religion. Shankaras great legacy has enabled the Sanatana Dharma of India to remain alive and vibrant throughout 600 years of Buddhist missionary work, 1400 years of Islamic invasions & persecutions, and 300 years of European imperialism and associated missionary efforts. His extraordinary mission was successfully completed when He passed on at the age of 32. 
The many monastic orders Lord Shankara began, incorporating the most effective and wonderful ancient unparalleled Yogic institution of the Guru-disciple relationship, founded by Sri Adi Shankara were no doubt one of the first examples of a wide-ranging successful organizational efforts within India's Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism)in the Indian sub-continent. These vibrant and noble monastic lineages are still functioning and productive today and are now going global. Paramahansa Yogananda Himself was a member of one of these elite monastic traditions. Now has the lotus blossom opened and the sweet scent this greater work has barely just begun,wafting it's fragrance of divine light, love, and wisdom around the world. This is the real fountain of youth that had inspired many of earth's wandering explorers for centuries. This is the opening up of the "Holy Spirit'OMMMM that will move the members of all faiths a great step forward in the third millennia. 

India and Yoga had to wait until the scientific knowledge of the outside world was evolved enough to receive and understand these higher teachings, only publicly hinted at by other great prophets of the past. This eternal wisdom is now being delivered in spirit saturated words and living examples via Hindu yogis and others of India. It is interesting to note that much of the preparation for this Yoga based revelation, was earlier assisted by the Hindu numeral systems and higher mathematics brought to Europe from India via Muslim scholars over a millennium ago. The Muslims were not inclined to put this knowledge to quite the same uses as the European world did. That is another long discussion. All the great religions have done their part in the preparation for this 20th century revelation of divine pluralism and Kriya yoga.  It is evident from history, and the truth revealer of father time, that no one religion was ever meant to be the exclusive savior of mankind or single bearer of all truth. Nor has any one religion a monopoly on truth. And all the oratorical bragaddocio and seemingly holy books will never make it so! The above example clearly demonstrates one of the wonderful ways all religious paths are all unwittingly contributing to the enhancement of humankind's evolutionary growth towards self-realization in all areas of life. Some blindly and fanatically and others with insight and wisdom. All contributing their portion to the feast of global wisdom and human understanding.  This Self-Realization movement is the real "Unity in diversity" the world needs, as it does not require that all others become converted to any one way achieve that Unity - or to be worthy of Salvation. It does not boast about being "some Gods only way" manipulated by fundamental power brokers. It does not encourage the blind to lead the blind. Since the idea of progressive revelation applies in only very limited ways to specific cultures at specific times in history, it should be no surprise that Yogananda's new Self-Realization dispensation is taken mainly from the inspired revelations of Krishna and Jesus, which were delivered to far more advanced cultures than some later spiritual revelations/dispensations. So profound are these documents [even todays remnants of them], that their quality and level of advanced teachings are still clearly evident. Hence a great number of great persons in many nations have adopted the Bhagavad Gita as their life's inspiration and guide in modern times.[eg Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Thoreau, Schopenauers 
The Mystical Path of Kriya Yoga

   NEW HOPE FOR WORLD UNITY & BROTHERHOOD Only One Church was established by Mahavatar Babaji's illustrious spiritual lineage through Paramahansa Yogananda.<This Church alone bears the unbroken direct link to this illustrious line of Gurus. BRParamahansa Yogananda changed from the ancient Yoga tradition of smallish groups suited to ashram life only, and began His new Spiritual global Society, the Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat Sanga early in the twentieth century. It appears from His work and teachings that this is the only church/organization that Yogananda ever established, and He never implied that there should be any other branches or offshoots to this great dispensation of Kriya Yoga from, or beside the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS. Such a direction, however a part of human nature, is counter productive to the purpose and integrity of launching a fresh and advanced spiritual/mystical religious movement. Such divisive tactics are left for the lesser teachers to make their own ego-logos as they ride the masters wave of global growth. 

Unfortunately this aspect of human nature is attempting to distort some of the masters teachings and will ultimately lead to the forming of various cults, something which Yogananda Himself sought to carefully avoid. With the idea of dispensing his mission from one central source only, Yogananda was hoping to minimize the fate of those who are splintered and divisive. When a few attempted to go their own way and do this, he simply gave his blessing & never mentioned their names again. 
Of course there will always be other persons/groups claiming to be someones most official spokespersons, however invalid and ego based such claims usually are. This part of the human scene will always accompany new movements. He personally supervised the publication of some of His writings, and left ample detailed instructions for His appointed editors in chiefs to complete the needed enhancements and final,accurate publishing/presentation of all of His other major works . There is now more than enough already written by the Master while He was writing, for anyone to now compare and determine whether or not later publications are true to His teachings and intentions. I urge devotees to do research to better understand how SRF leadership has continued to be extremely true to the true work and message of Paramahansa Yogananda over the years. 

A common error by some devotees is to cling to various inaccurate portions of His earlier editions of some books/approaches which He himself revised. This is sometimes done only in the effort to use public domain writings to further their own ambitions. To further guarantee the purity of His legacy, he personally appointed a number of loyal monastics to oversee all new publications, this is the Self-Realization Fellowship Publications Council. It was clearly his expressed wish/policy to have Self-Realization Fellowship be His sole publisher of all the writings/lessons of His great legacy. So in this whole process with great foresight the master has arranged a number of effective safeguards so that what one reads from His church will be true to His teachings. 

This great work is being carried out right on schedule and with outstanding publishing quality and credibility. The authenticity of this prime singular branch and many down line disciples of the Great Modern Prophet Lahiri Mahasaya has a long history to support it. It was Lahiri Mahasaya Himself who told Yogananda's mother, "Your son will be a yogi. As a spiritual engine of a train He will carry many souls to God's kingdom." During His launching of Kriya Yoga in India, he also farbad any of his disciples from starting any organizations, as this unique role was being reserved for someone very special, to be executed on a scale previously unpracticed by Yogis. The denial for starting organizations by Lahiri Mahasaya was not to honor any yogic tradition. This becomes especially significant when we find that a number of these disciples had gone well beyond the stature of sainthood, reaching even beyond the achievement of Nirbikalpa Samadhi. That complete liberation where ones spiritual stature is equivalent to that of Jesus or Krishna. Those who have returned as Avataras. Quite a number of them could have been great saviors in their own right. So the whole Plan and procedure of this lineage was carefully and effectively executed over a good period of time with true success. Yet even the most excellent plans in this world are not immune to the ravages of misunderstanding and opportunism of human nature. 

Because the ideas and the methodology of Paramahansa Yogananda were so advanced and effective, a number of ambitious teachers are copying Yogananda's work and methods, including the establishing of their own organizations to promote their versions of the Kriya Yoga teachings. This effort was sometimes launched for the sole purpose of strengthening their own positions for wealth, name and fame. And others wished to genuinely continue their legitimate lineage tradition from Lahiri Mahasaya with their versions of this work. This is of course all a very natural development in this world, and happens in all NRMs. A real problem begins to occur only when some of these teachers make dubious claims, and use procedures which are not in the better interests of new devotees and the true yoga spiritual traditions.

 The most vain claims have gone something like this -"I am your new channel to God", or" the master cannot help you any more," or " I am the only true living authority for Yogananda's work." The Master did say," there is room enough in this world for all." While at the same time he cautioned us about unqualified and false teachers. Although there are many true and wonderful paths in this world through which the seeking devotee can reach God-realization, each one of us still bears that final responsibility to make well informed choices and wise decisions. The chief quality of spiritual discrimination is the ability to tell the unreal from the real!  It is of course traditional in the Sanatana Dharma to respect the rights of others to peacefully co-exist with respect towards others doing similar work. There is only a problem with a few who might forget about showing that respect and tolerance for other groups, and may betray the essence of tolerance, truthfulness, and love that these teachings emphasize.  Although one might consider a development of many paths normal and natural with a new message, there are some teachers who were not satisfied with just usurping and copying. Some actually took it upon their overheated ambitiousness to try to falsely discredit Yogananda, His church, and even a number of his disciples. 

It is fortunate that so many had lived and worked so closely with the Master. Both persons in and outside of His church testify to his impeccable and noble character, and His unmistakable spiritual presence. It was also the publics' reception of his work, which stands as another witness to his greatness as a divine being. Many who were not even part of His spiritual path gave considerable praise to His divine qualities. The main responsibility for this missions future success was clearly given to Paramahansa Yogananda as the chief disciple in lineage, and now rests with the organization that He founded. 

These challenges to Paramahansa Yogananda's claim of final expression as authentic source of this spiritual dispensation is happening on three fronts. (1)Some Fundamentalists, both in India and America find His claims and new ideas difficult to live with. Some of these persons may feel threatened with this new synthesis of the Yoga Science From Krishnas and Jesus teachings. (2)A few of those whom He trained, eventually had serious desires to go their own way, do their own things ,and begin their own spiritual paths. It is possible they did not clearly grasp the full essence of his great mission and the important part they could have directly played within it by remaining with and working through Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship. It is part of human nature to have many different expressions of each dispensation, each creative expression will hopefully contribute something to those needing to feel a part of this great dispensation. 

The novice Devotee must decide by which avenue he will move forward or backwards. Not all teachers are the same, few are living examples of the words they speak. Chela beware! (3)Various other yogis and teachers from India who were down line successors from Lahiri Mahasaya and/or Swami Sri Yukteswar. Some of these teachers are still following the Guru-disciple tradition of India, and do not easily accept all the changes brought about in the West by Paramahansa Yogananda. 

This is religion, not politics. So just because someone was hanging around a Master is not necessarily a final criteria for authority and greatness. Only his/her own true achievements and the life he/she has lived will be a proper witness to whom you are dealing with. Has that person lived a life of truth or of falsehood? Has that person used others or served others? Those who are truly God-realized Master's, those who can show you the way and aid you are really the true Living masters, even after death they are still "living Masters", and will still be able to help truly serious devotees via the normal tradition if the disciple is attuned and is truly ready for such a rigorous training. Yet there are a number of ambitious persons who are attempting to establish their positions as spiritual masters, not by achievement, but by using the questionable tactics and spurious claims, false rumors, misleading presentations re Kriya Yoga and it's dispensation, etc. Many persons, believing that there may be some great advantage to be near a physical teacher, and unaware of the downside, are continually misled by eloquent talk and charisma into thinking many are true gurus or yogis who are not. Many claim to be - but few really are! 

The new devotees who can tell who is and who is not are very rare. But when the true Master is not in the body he/she has more power to help the devotee, and also this decreases problems of being exposed to the opportunism of others via their personality and Charisma. Therefore new devotees are will not be so easily distracted by ambitious personalities who are yet unrealized. A Master out of the body gives us more opportunity to study his recorded life in this world of great tests, and if it is a truly great life, then we will more accurately know who we are dealing with. As impressive as someone sounds and appears, they sometimes fall very quickly, or will eventually leave. You still end up with a Guru out of the body either way. There is a serious reason for this same situation that we all face. This way one has more time to examine & study the new way, the new Guru, the new ideas. It all ends up this way because it is the best way for our spiritual growth. There is a valuable message here for all of us! In the meantime, until one is mature enough to learn and work on ones own, various teachers(not Gurus) are sought out by the devotee. When one is really mature enough for a Guru-disciple relationship, it will not matter whether the Master has a body, only God-realization is now important criteria of a true Guru. These teachers come in many forms such as books(data sources), internet, people, life experiences & communications. 

We should be able to learn as much from what Paramahansa Yogananda did as we do from what He said. This will begin to give us the bigger picture. Again, it does take some time to really understand something about the life of another being. The novice devotee should always keep in mind that his/her mind is still seeing most things through the dark cultural/religio programming of dark colored glasses.

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple 1996  
Paramahansa Yogananda tells us that;"Self-Realization is the knowing-in body, mind and soul- that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God's omnipresence is our omnipresence ; that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be. ............. All we have to do is improve our knowing." (Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda, ©Self-Realization publishers)

The Master said:
"The Church is the Hive, God is the Honey"

This is what Paramahansa Yogananda said about churches, August 22, 1933.
Every church does good, and for that I love them all. They will truly fulfill their high calling when they become places of God-communion.
They should be like hives, filled with the honey of God-realization.”;

Paramahansa Yogananda on Healing part 1.

“No matter how effective one’s powers of healing, they are limited as compared to the infinite healing power of God. Hence, instead of merely commanding one’s own healing powers, one should set himself apart from the ego and invoke the unlimited divine power of God to flow through himself as a clear channel. In the practice of healing oneself and others, one should be sure of divine communion, and then completely absorb oneself in God preceding the attempted performance of every healing. A divine healing can take place only when the healer serves as a perfect medium though which God’s omnipotence can flow without obstruction. Egotism and loud declaration, and self-adulation, such as, “I healed her,” or “God is working through me,” should be strictly avoided both in speech and mind, let the all-knowing God declare His power in the self-evident healing.”

Even a sincere devotee, if not truly one with God by Self-Realization, can have traces of ego hiding in him undetected when he puts himself forward as a healing instrument and says to the sick, “Be healed by God’s power.” But the superman, having transcended all separating egotism in actual God-union, speaks from perfect humility eve when he declares, “I say unto thee, arise and be healed.” Here, “I” signifies “God Alone” which the realized saint feels within himself.

From; “The Second Coming of Christ; Resurrecting the Christ within You.” Pages 423-424, By Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization Publishers 1994, LA USA

Paramahansa Yogananda on Teachers & Gurus; part 1

Devotees Relationship With The Guru.
"Direct association with a God-Realized man of wisdom may be through personal contact or through deep meditation. The important point is to attune your consciousness with His. When you are in tune with a great soul who loves God, that attunement eventually changes your life in the most wonderful way. Your will does not become enslaved; it becomes expanded. "This is the difference between attunement with an ego-centered person and being in tune with a true Guru. The magnetism of a God-realized soul will put you in tune with the magnetism of God." From;Journey to Self-Realization, Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization publishers LA USA

“Obedience to the Guru is necessary for attunement with his wisdom. It is not slavery to follow the wishes of a God-realized Guru, because his wish gives independence and freedom. A true Guru is the servant of God, carrying out His plan for your liberation. Realize this, and you will always obey, until you find perfect freedom in Spirit." --Paramahansa Yogananda, "Self-Realization Magazine" © SRF Publishers LA USA

Loyalty; "Always associate with those who are loyal to God and the Great Gurus and you will find your life becoming the highest type of life. Be true to the truth of Self-Realization teachings and you shall find your life filled with the glory of Spirit, with the effulgence of the Almighty." --Paramahansa Yogananda, Lecture © SRF Publishers LA USA


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Ananda Answers in its own way -

My experiences with Kriyananda and SRF,

and the Betrayal of a failed Swami.

November 25, 2014

It was at a very youthful age that I was attracted to the study of
comparative religions. Out of this search of years for a
better way, I was eventually directed to the life and work of
Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization  Fellowship/YSS.
At that time my disposition was one of serious anti organization
and strong independence - not seeking any kind of spiritual teacher.

When, after 6yrs of seeking,  the LIVING prophet Paramahansa Yogananda
 introduced himself to me through a book written about Him, it became
immediately evident that through a series of very exact influences over the years
in my life, it was He alone who had been directing my steps and
education for several years in the great quest of the Spirit. This is what
Living Gurus do even after they pass on. They do not need a body.
At that moment, although I was in sort of a state of shock,
I knew both intellectually and intuitively that Yoganandaji was the One.
 It was 1958 and I clearly felt His living presence radiating from this wonderful
publication from SRF, “The Master Said,” by Paramahansa Yogananda.
This inspiring volume is now titled, “Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda”
I took the SRF lessons course but momentarily hesitated re
receiving Kriya Yoga, and only through a little reflection and
some wise guidance from SRF Mother Center did I decide to
go for it! Eventually I experienced all the good that comes from
listening to the Guru. The Guru opens the doors to real freedom
and self-empowerment. He created this organization, this sacred
community, for a divine purpose. The soul of Babaji’s spiritual
community is Self-Realization Fellowship/ YSS. And it was due to the devoted
work and loyalty of many monastics and others who serve SRF that we can all enjoy
the great benefits of their publications, personal guidance, initiations into SRF
advanced Kriya yoga, retreats, counseling, and the many blessings that millions
 have known through various contacts with the life and work of Yogananda
through Yogananda’s only church – the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.

For those of you who are still searching for a spiritual path
and salvation in God-Realization. I give my personal testimony
that if you are attracted to this sacred path, Yogananda, a
Living Guru, still provides all that you will ever need to reach your goals.
Be it greater creativity, self-empowerment, happiness, enlightenment through
advanced Kriya Yoga, understanding and getting along harmoniously with others,
inner psychological and spiritual healing, success, or
cosmic consciousness. Between the SRF/YSS Lessons Course
and other SRF/YSS publications, and the blessings and guidance promised by
Yogananda to all SRF Kriyabans – it is all there. And this all
comes with personal counseling and guidance from SRF/YSS
monastics, ministers and other staff members always helpful.

Nowhere did our gurus say that “after you learn such and such
you need to find another path to take you further.” That is not
the way it works the Guru/discipleship system works, and any such
talk is by those desperately seeking power and more followers.
The record shows that without doubt, what the master left us
works for all attuned sincere and loyal devotees.  In fact, Yogananda
once said;” I you will do only 5% of what I have shown you, you will
find God in this life.”

With the right effort, loyalty, and attunement you will find it all in the
SRF/YSS masters and teachings. These teachings supply
many important elements that have been missing from
most popular religious movements for a long, long, time.
It is this most advanced “science of religion” that makes all
 the difference in the world, and the living example of such
divinely advanced leadership that we have seen in
SRF/YSS lineage in both India and America.
This Spiritual Legacy [a divine global dispensation] will
will surely go a long way to bringing peace, unity, and understanding
to this divided world for future millenniums.
ANANDA; a community misled by Walters.
There was a time many years later that I met J Donald Walters
on about 3 occasions. Around circa 1979 I was driving through
California after attending the wonderful SRF World Convocation
My family and I had the opportunity to visit Ananda up near
Grass Valley/ Nevada City area. We stopped there as I was
considering getting involved in some kind or spiritual community.
I must credit Mr Walters with saving me from a very serious
misdirection of my spiritual life. It wasn’t anything negative he said.
But when I left Ananda after a long visit and a chat with JDW I had
the clearest feeling that this life was not for me. I felt something was
very wrong here and I could not put my finger on it. I was left with
the clear impressions that Ananda was controlled by a man full of
guile and manipulation. He sounded charming but was really a
shallow suffering yogin.
It took me many more years to see that great evils can and do occur in
 these communities when the leader is too spiritually immature to be any kind of real spiritual teacher.
Then there were those terrible court sessions that really exposed
Walters ignorance of his own major psychological problems.
It took too many more years before he was forced by his deteriorating
condition to seek prof help via a shrink and medications.
Problems that he failed to sort out even to the very end of his life.
He was truly the Judas of all of Master’s devotees, who did many
foolish and unspeakable things while struggling with obsessions
that he should have been the leader of all of Yogananda’s great work.
Even though Walters was very persuasive and cunning, he never had
any real spiritual depth, this especially showed up in his later years.
He writes in his book that after moving to America, at school he was
made to feel like a “worthless human being.” [ The Path]The problem
never really went away. Shortly after Sri Daya Mata’s passing, Walters had
the nerve to call SRF and tell Brother Anandamoy that, “all would be
forgiven,” if SRF made him the next president. A similar comment was
made to an LA Times correspondent.  Not on your life…..!
What egotism! What gall!
This shows the even a year before his passing he was still unaware of
his psychological problems and the harm he tried to do to others.

Even Yogananda warned Walters about the future, “Donald, you are not going to disappoint me, are you?” said the Master. And when all is said and done, history now shows Walters to be one of Yogananda’s
very greatest betrayals and disappointments. He did much so much emotionally and
spiritual harm to many naïve, trusting devotees. The truth is out there, see for yourself!

Much of what J Donald Walters wrote and Crystal Clarity wrote was
either twisted, plagiarized, and stolen from the intellectual material rights that Yogananda
 himself had clearly deeded solely to the Self-Realization Fellowship.
He was essentially a thief, and a liar, which he justified as he imagined himself
to be Yogananda’s number one boy. Such delusions are ever painful
for those who seek power long before they are ready. And I feel for all those
who innocently imagined that Walters was some kind of guru. He was not
even close to being anyone’s guru. He made the great error of not changing himself first.
He had broken his monastic vows in various ways [by his own admissions]
long before he was fired  from SRF/YSS. This continued on and on. He was fired only after extreme
patience on the part of Daya Mata, and the final straw was when he was
deported as “persona non grata” by the Indian government for 10 years. It leaves a
very dark mark on YSS when the vice-president creates such offences that the government of India ordered Walters out of the country. Can you imagine how much that set back master’s work in India for many years! He was a failure as a monastic, the lack of control over SRF/YSS ate at him constantly.
You may wonder why the Self-Realization Fellowship has never detailed all the reasons why Walters was fired. SRF does not discuss or vilify persons publicly or privately.  [It also is very rare for an organization to fire and executive of such a position] This was a courageous and difficult decision for Sri Daya Mata and the SRF board of directors. But in the long run it proved to be a divinely wisdom guided decision that save the SRF from many future scandals and harms. Many thanks to the Board of Directors! Of course Ananda members will always want to cover up and stand by their pseudo guru. Ananda covering up his sexual exploits for years and decades. They are now using the name Expanding Light and other names often.

STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT x fp............6:16:2014